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Lamu Tamu, Wild Fling or Wedding Ring?

That's the thing about Lamu isn't it? You fall in love with the old man you meet in the market and the women sitting by the mosque.

You fall in love with people, their stories and the way they brew and pour your Kahawa Tungu. You watch them as they watch you, waiting to see your expression when that spicy espresso like coffee brew first hits your palate.

Outside Ali Lamu Art Gallery

Dhow races during the Lamu Cultural Festival

Shela Island in Lamu

People watching the festivities at the Lamu Cultural Festival

You say yes to the numerous donkey rides, donkey taxis slowly clip clopping on the cobblestone streets, riding them down the island's little sandy streets.

Weaving around Lamu's little sandy streets

Other than donkey taxis, catch a boat taxi in between Lamu's beautiful islands that each have their own character

You say yes to dates over drinks and afternoons spent lazing on the beach, by the beach.

You say yes to everything you can in Lamu and lose yourself in every moment. Falling in love again and again.

Bush Garden Restaurant in Lamu has a gorgeous botanical outdoor setting

If you are planning a beach holiday in Kenya in November, the Lamu Cultural Festival is everything and more. Beautiful people and culture, great food. A floating bar in the middle of its dark, green, emerald seas and most of all, the opportunity for you to fall in love with your version of Lamu. Because everyone's Lamu is different.

Take a sunset cruise to the Lamu Floating Bar

Lamu Floating Bar

Lamu's Floating Bar is a mood and a good time!

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