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Mexican Grandmas and Churros

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Day 1, Mexico. around the corner from my hotel is a camp of grandmas in checked aprons cooking and calmly waiting for the smell and delicious visual aesthetic appeal of their food to draw you in. They don't need to call you over, the smell of their food and the carefully thought out layout will draw your hungry eyes to their servings. It does the trick. Like with many other things about this country, I fall deep, hard and totally in joy and love for it. I ate several delicious blue corn quesadillas. Loaded with salsa verde, stringy, creamy and chewy cheese. I watched people rush for their meetings and appointments. Loaded buses, busy streets with busy quesadilla and churros making grandmas.

My made up facts:

1. Mexico has the most cute Grannys per square mile selling delicious tacos, churros and all kinds of food you want in your mouth right now

2. The Grannys do not care if you can't speak Spanish. They will get your money and you will eat their food.

3. The Grannys know exactly what they are doing

4.The Grannys will cause you to eat, eat more, then check if you still need to eat more. You will eat more.

5. Also, Mezcal, mezcal everywhere. tequila tequila why not? With a side of fresh oranges, chapulines and chile costeno (from my brief encounters with the liquors, the grannys are not responsible for this but the jury is still out)

6. The people yelling buy churros, baileys churros, strawberry churros, CHURROS. They have no idea that you are fighting the fact that, if you succumb that it will be your 10th Churro of the day and you would just like to walk in peace. They should probably take a hint from the grannys who don't need to shout out details of their products

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