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Spiritual Moments, Music and Mexico

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Woke up on day 5 with a splitting migraine. No one warned me that Mexico had altitude with a massive attitude problem! I had two tours booked that day. One for a half day tezmacal session and the other half of the day was meant to be spent cycling across scenic, streets in the city while sampling mezcal and Mexican chocolate.

Anyways, I didn't make it. The migraine was overpowering. Got in touch with the tour guide and the Tezmacal folks and cancelled.

Some things worth knowing about that day and the next:

1. Did I tell you that the Shaman, for absolutely free then invited me over to his home for a garden party? Such warmth and kindness! He and his dope buddies had a massive pan filled with vegan and seafood ceviche as food options and loads of beers in ice buckets. And of cos, mezcal, mezcal, tequila, tequila! Turns out he is also a performing rock artiste and we jammed out all night! If you are ever in Mexico City, BOOK HIM!

2. The day after that, I went to climb pyramids. I climbed my moon pyramid (cos Cancer star sign what what!). This was in Teoihuacan about an hour from Mexico City. Significance? The Great Goddess is thought to have been a goddess of the underworld, darkness, the earth, water, war, and possibly even creation itself. A dark and somewhat moody woman that loves water? Totally me! She also loves yellow and red, my Queen's taste jumped out!

3. There was also dope food, music and boats in Xochimilco. But I was totally on the wrong boat I should have been in the ones that had parties on them. Did you know the food is also cooked on other boats that float by and you basically have a scene of floating boat kiosks peddling food? Top form.

4. The day ended with a blessing from a Curandero back in Mexico City, I wonder what it meant though? She didn't speak English and I only speak bedroom Spanish so I have no idea what she wished on and for me. I hope it was money and wealth.

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