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The Case for Discomfort

The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones. The cyclone's lowest barometric pressure occurs in the eye and can be as much as 15 percent lower than the pressure outside the storm.

A lot of people expect to be in this eye, in the space of comfort while their external surroundings are in a storm. Structural and systematic privilege affords people this space, where calm prevails. While those facing the brunt of the storm are forced to remain its turbulence, grappling, struggling, fighting and dying in its violent currents.

Why are you so angry? An easy question to ask when you sit in the eye. The core meaning of behind this question usually boils down to; Why do you want pull me into the storm with you? What is that going to accomplish?

The aggression of the storm is matched by the aggression of the ones in the eye as they protect their space. In overt, passive or micro-aggression. But the mantle of who is considered, "aggressive" is given to those in the brunt of the storm. Fighting to live and to be human. The people pointing out problems become the problem. But there is a reason why this space of discomfort, outside the eye is important.

I love to read Reddit's Two Sentence Horror Stories, one by the user minithemermaid goes:

"We will find the source of that smell," I assured the homeowner as I knelt and wedged myself into the crawl space.

But just as I saw a very familiar looking uniform and the gray of long-dead flesh, I heard the floorboards being hammered back into place.

The point is that none of us safe from the storm, most of us are not the 1%. At some point the system will get us and close the floorboards and we too will die if systematic and structural change is not achieved. The case for discomfort is in working to dismantle the system even if the discomfort of the smell is overpowering and even though we are trained to want to protect the system (by ensuring the homeowner is not uncomfortable by the smell of their harm). The case for discomfort requires ensuring that the homeowner does this to no one else and then going back to clean up the harm they caused for a better future for us all and to honour our ancestors bones.

Street Art in Glasgow

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